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2015 Predictions Worth Revisiting

As you hit your stride this year, it’s not too late to get inspired with some of the better 2015 predictions you may have missed.


[ Strategy & Invention ]

10 Prime Innovation Opportunities artfully profiles the evolving consumer landscape. Pay special attention to the part on post-demographic thinking and “Currencies of Change”. – 5 min.


[ Digital Marketing ]

8 Predictions for Digital Marketers

We liked this list from Chad Pollitt via Huffington Post. Of note: His prediction that more brands will vertically integrate and buy moderately scaled media platforms, essentially becoming a media platform (vs buying advertising from media platforms). – 3 min.


[ Design & UX ]

The Top UX Predictions for 2015

Lots of really provocative ideas in this list from Though we disagree with the “death of web design”, we’re big believers that great UX is great business strategy. – 4 min.


[ Digital Media ]

Millward Brown’s Digital Media Predictions

This set of predictions highlights rapidly evolving trends (e.g. programmatic buying, native advertising) and should get you thinking of opportunities to be more efficient AND more effective in your digital media mix. – 5 min.


[ Enterprise Technology ]

Predictions for Enterprise Collaboration

This list from Trey Tramonte via Wired’s Insight Community has a number of IT related predictions we’d love to see come true.  2 min.


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