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5 Fun Ways Kinly Keeps Your Family Connected

5 fun ways Kinly keeps your family connected

Minnesotans know that as Summer turns to Fall, it’s time to take advantage of the weather. Time to get out and see the people who matter, to swap stories, share milestones, take photos and make memories.

But life is busy and Winter will come soon enough. Families are spread across the country, and getting together gets harder.

That’s why we built Kinly, a new social app designed to keep families close no matter how far apart they live or how busy they are.

What’s cool about Kinly is that everything you share is private – visible only to the Kin you designate.

Here are 5 fun ways Kinly can keep your family connected:

1.  Digital Family Reunions


Why wait a whole year, or more, for a family reunion when you can set aside 20 minutes each month to get together “Kinly style?” Share your latest photos. Update everyone on your recent accomplishments. And, of course, make fun of one another like only Kin can!


2. Dinner Polls 

Don’t waste time tracking down your spouse and each of your kids to ask them what they want for dinner. Use Kinly in the mid afternoon to poll them on their dinner options. Majority rules. No complaints (or fewer anyway).

3. Kinly Quizzes

How much do you really know about your Kin? Take a quiz about likes and dislikes when it comes to food, fashion and other fun topics. Save the answers in the Kinfo section of the app for future reference. The Kinfo comes in handy later when you’re shopping for your Kin.

4. Photo Wish Lists


Take the guesswork out of gift buying with Kinly. Have your loved ones snap photos of the gifts they want when they are out and about. You’ll never get the wrong color, model or size.

5.  Vacation Hub


Vacations can be a challenge with family members who have different interests. Kinly’s whereabouts map will keep tabs on all of your Kin at all times so that you can pursue your individual interests and create a shared photo album using Kinly.


Check out Kinly this summer and stay connected year round!


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