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7 better ways to spend your screen time than Facebook

If you’re fed up with Facebook, you’re not alone.

A recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 61% of Facebook users have voluntarily taken a break from the site for several weeks and 20% of former users never return.

The majority of respondents said they took the “hiatus” because they were too busy to keep up with Facebook. Understandably so.

So how can you have less screen time with more impact on your life?

One way is to Get Kinly, a social network app just for you and the people who matter most—your family.

What are you having for dinner tonight? Use Kinly to poll your family. What do the kids want for their birthday? Build a photo wishlist.

There are so many great ways to use Kinly to keep your family connected on the go.

But beyond Kinly, here are six more ‘micro social networks’ we think you’ll find more manageable and meaningful than Facebook.

Six Micro Networks Worth Trying

1. – Connect with your neighbors to stay informed and share useful hyper local information. Look out for one another and send updates to keep the neighborhood safe. Or share opinions on services, like a great babysitter, dog walker or trusted dentist.

2. –A self-described mobile movement to help women across the world access valuable information to become more empowered, engaged and self-reliant.  For a $5 per month subscription, women receive advice in leadership, health, parenting, career, business and finance.

3. –Perfect for Minnesotans! It’s a free social network that lets anglers share their fishing stories with other anglers. By adding their fishing trips and catches into the network, members can figure out the best bait to use in particular lakes or what time of day gives them the best chance to hook the big one.

4. – For fitness fanatics or workout novices, this free app creates a network of people who want to get – and stay – in shape. The app promises to connect you with fitness coaches and motivate you to exercise!

5. – This is the ultimate “micro” network designed exclusively for two.  Use it to share photos, info and anything you please with your partner.  It’s a free download.

6. – Running a small business can be a lonely job. This free network gives you support and access to advice and resources that will help you be a successful entrepreneur.

Know any other great apps or sites to develop more meaningful connections? Let us know. And if you give Kinly a shot, let us know what you think.


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