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A New Take On Planning Your Digital Budget

A New Take on Planning Your Digital Budget

With the constant flow of new technologies and shifting consumer expectations, businesses have no choice but to evolve in 2014. As a good business leader, you know this to be true, but it’s a daunting task to disrupt current models to create enduring growth.

But truthfully, there’s no better time to embrace the unknown and get to work on inventing ‘what’s next’ for your organization.

It’s time to think hard about investing in work that’s going to get you there.

Begin By Defining Success and Work Backwards

Think of your digital behavior as the means to reach a measurable goal. Clearly define what success in 2014 means for you and work in reverse.

Redesigning your website is not a goal; it’s the vehicle to help you connect with and learn more about your customers. What could you do if you knew a dozen points of data about your audience? What value will you give to them in exchange for it?

These questions never get answered without a plan. So where do you start?

Let Others Copy You

So your biggest competitor made big investments in a new captivating (and beautiful) website. Don’t try to copy what might work for them; create what’s next for you.

What if you spent a fraction of that big website budget to explore something that will REALLY connect with customers instead of giving them the same ol’ stuff?

Look Further Up the Funnel

It’s not just a website, or app, or marketing – it’s planned innovation and invention that tie back to a defined vision.

But to unlock innovation, you have to dive into uncharted waters and make sense of the unknown. To do this well, you have to budget for it. Only then will your universe of possibilities grow, and you can connect with your customers in ways you (and they) never thought of before.

Think (and behave) Differently

At GoKart Labs we approach digital planning differently. Our Iteration Zero process uses methods to take us and our clients into the unknown, emerging on the other side with a clear and informed plan. In the process, your team will learn repeatable methods that result in brand new ways of doing business.

We avoid spending disasters by finding ways to quickly prototype and test (with clear learning agendas). When you create exactly what you need in order to prove your hypotheses, you save big and your budget can work smarter toward your common goals.

So as 2013 comes to an end, think differently about your digital budget. Bet the garden, not the farm, and charm the pants off your customers with something your competitors will never see coming.

At GoKart Labs, we specialize in Invention & Business Strategy, User Experience & Design, Web & Mobile Software Development and Digital Marketing. To find out more about becoming a client, call 612.454.4012.

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