Get to Know GoKart Labs.

A Digital Innovation Lab

We’re GoKart Labs—a digital innovation company that uses collaboration and human-centered design to help companies of all sizes invent, make, market, and transform. We’re also an active incubator, applying our methods, process, and team to launch our own businesses. Overall, we’re a bunch of curious, entrepreneurial makers. A motley crew of strategists, marketers, creatives, and fearless explorers using design and technology to make experiences that people love.

Our Products & Services

Everything we do at GoKart Labs can be divided into four buckets: Invent, Make, Market, and Transform. From inventing brand new products to finding innovative ways to digitally market them, we’ll help you grow your audience, business, and brand. Below are a few things we do for our clients.


  • Digital Product Invention

    Inventing, creating, and proving the need for new digital products

  • Innovation Consulting

    Strategizing and facilitating new ways to mix things up


  • Experience Strategy and Design

    Assessing, planning, and designing your brand’s digital ecosystem

  • Product and Service Design and Development

    Designing, developing, testing, and refreshing digital products


  • Insights and Planning

    Analyzing data and identifying insights focused on improving your brand’s digital presence

  • Creative and Advancement

    Crafting human-centered stories and content meant to shorten the path to purchase.


  • Business Consulting

    Collaborating and strategizing to devise future stages of growth

  • Lab Launching

    Integrating labs into organizations to create a culture of innovation

What Drives Us

Our guiding principles help lead our work. In fact, they’re baked into our culture, our process, and our DNA. Consider them our secret sauce; minus the whole “secret” thing.

  • Optimistic Curiosity

    We believe any problem can be solved when approached with optimistic curiosity and the desire to learn and make things better.

  • Bet the Garden, Not the Farm

    We’re not into taking huge, uneducated risks. Rather than spending large amounts of time and money on a product that may or may not work, we believe in creating a minimum viable product and iterating as we release it into the world. By starting small and using data and feedback to inform our decisions, we're able to make changes as we go, creating a better product that more users love.

  • Products, Not Projects

    In digital, there’s no such thing as being done. Products continuously evolve and improve over time, which users have come to expect. That’s why we prioritize the product as a whole, rather than focusing on a short, bulleted list of deliverables.

  • Learn and Adapt Fast

    Overthinking is the death of innovation. We believe if you wait to launch a product until it’s perfect, it’ll never launch at all. The faster you learn, the faster you can adapt and build what users want.

  • Run Like a Startup

    Many companies wish to emulate startups, but so few have the guts to actually do so. We run like a startup, quite literally, by investing in our own ideas and continuously inventing new products that pushing ourselves and our craft.

  • Strategy is the Execution

    A plan is only as good as the ability to bring it to life. That’s why we have such a diverse team of makers, planners, and dreamers to solve problems and ensure the final product is absolutely wonderful.

Awards & Recognition

  • Inc. 5000

    2016, 2015

    America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies
  • Best Places to Work

    2016, 2015

    Best Places To Work
  • The Webby Awards


    Food & Drink Website Nominee
  • StarTribune Top Workplaces


    Top 150 Workplaces