Marketing Leaders in Education, Healthcare and Financial Services

You don’t need more impressions.
You need an experience that converts.

People aren’t looking for an optimized way you can interrupt their day and white-paper-gate them to fill out form fields on a lead generation page.

They expect brands to help guide them in meaningful ways that make it easier to explore, learn and get the most out of your products and services — whether it’s registering for college, scheduling a doctor visit or managing finances. A nice ying to your advertising campaign’s yang.

How we can help you.

We offer the following four services to marketing leaders in education, healthcare and financial services.

1. Ecosystem design

Designing a system that defines how the different components of your brand’s digital presence can work towards a more seamless user experience.

  • Audit
  • Journey mapping
  • Channel definition
  • User flows
  • Marketing tech assessment

2. Data Interpretation

Taking the massive amounts of data you have and translating it into actionable insights that are understood by the brand and business owners.

  • Data syndication
  • Automated reporting
  • Insight identification
  • Lead scoring
  • Attribution modeling
  • Digital ROI

3. Experience Narrative

Creating cohesive, human-centered content that flows through your digital ecosystem so people know how you can help and what they should do next.

  • Concepting
  • Messaging
  • Design
  • Writing
  • Story boarding
  • Video production

4. Audience Advancement

Modern media tactics to get the content we create in the right place at the right time by addressing people’s needs and advancing them through the consumer journey.

  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurture
  • Remarketing
  • Geo-targeting
  • Referrals
  • Reviews

The GoKart Marketing Crew

We’ve worked our way through agencies such as Zeus Jones, Colle+McVoy, Nina Hale and OLSON. We’ve spent time on the client side at General Mills, Target and Best Buy. We’ve ended up here, to define a new way of digital marketing.

  • Craig Pladson
  • Tate Leyba
  • Owen Halligan
  • Elyse Ash
  • James Diers
  • Mia Crow
  • Amy Ward
  • Matthew Volenec
  • Reid Ronnander

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