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Adding Digital Consulting To Our Playbook

Adding Digital Consulting to our Playbook

Here at GoKart Labs, we are in the business of “digital” or “digital transformation” – we invent, design, build and market world-class digital experiences. We’ve been in this business long before “digital transformation” was a buzzword and before “agile” began being applied to all work, everywhere. We are also in the business of custom-built digital start-ups, digital spin-ins and spin-outs. We help global leaders in healthcare, education and financial services, and we help the little guys; or said another way, the big ideas that are currently small realities.

When I joined GoKart Labs a year ago, I was also a creator of digital experiences, bringing to life experiences that allowed users to have their needs met, helping businesses create value, and we hopefully made the world healthier, smarter and more financially secure than it was when we started.

But there was a gap. We were working day in and day out with our clients, focusing on what the needs are, what could help them, what a solution might look like and what should be created; we weren’t always addressing the “how”, the organizational threads that keep the whole system together. Passively, we were helping our partners think differently and work differently, but it’s hard to do that ‘on the side’.

As we began to think about it, it also amplified how little time and attention is being spent talking about the ‘How’, generally. How an organization works, how it needs to operate, how it might need to change. It’s easy to fill up one’s time and mind with the what, the why, the opportunity ahead of you and the next big thing, but there’s not enough attention paid to how people and organizations work and how people and organizations are going to find success in an ongoing, sustainable way.


Our answer is an operating system that allows an organization to maximize the possibility of a future that’s not predetermined, embraces and takes advantage of an intentional state of non-equilibrium and establishes a systematic way to meet user needs and business opportunities now and in the future.

Sounds easy enough, and it is, but it’s also hard. That’s where GoKart Labs Consulting comes in. We are here to help you define your organization’s operating system: where are the opportunities, where are the challenges, where are the things you’re doing well? What should your new operating system look like? How will it work? What can it do for you and how will you measure it? And then, most importantly – how will you get there, and how can you begin working in a new way?

We partner with you to create, implement and run your operating system using our signature methods combined with change theory and systems thinking. We help you make the transformation you seek and change how you work, to take advantage of today’s digital first world- and we’d love to help you. To learn more, contact Nora Guerrera, the new Managing Director of Digital Consulting at

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  1. Intriguing! I imagine this growth area for GKL is inspired by experience with Traction EOS?
    What resources do you recommend checking out to learn about change theory and systems thinking?

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