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Balancing the short and long-term

For business leaders, finding the sweet spot between short-term impact and long-term equity is no easy task.

It requires a graceful balance of science and art. A practical ying to a creative yang, of sorts.

I feel this tension every day, and I’m sure you feel it too. But in my opinion, the brands that win avoid the timeboxed, bell-shaped impact of campaigns and focus on building brand equity. In this case, I am admittedly biased towards the everlasting.

Knowing people have varying perspectives on this, I asked my fellow Karters about how they find the harmony between the short-term practical ying and long-term creative yang. Here’s what they said:

For entrepreneurs, it means not letting your long-term fears get in the way of short-term action.

“If you take the long view, you can talk yourself out of anything. You have to get yourself to act and take step one.” ~ Don Smithmier, Co-Founder + CEO

For inventors, it means creating a Minimal Lovable Product, not a Minimum Viable Product.

“The things you invent should have plans to be huge. But they should be lovable and testable from day one.” ~ Matt Johnson, Partner, Invention + Strategy Director

For designers, it means starting the conversation right by listening and reacting to user feedback.

“Listen to how your users speak back to you and make the conversation progress naturally.”
~ Bryan Kahrs, Senior UX + Visual Designer

For media planners, it means investing in the proven while discovering through experimentation.

“Allocate more of your budget toward proven programs, but build experimentation into your plan to discover new ways to grow. From offers to audiences, photography to messaging, never stop testing what you think could work.” – Paul Feiner, Social Strategy Lead

For technologists, it means doing the least amount of development possible to learn – then scale.

“Do the least amount of dev possible to learn the most you can. From there, we can better map out our development plan. I’ll take a handful of static pages any day over whatever the enterprise CMS flavor of the month is.” – Eric Johnson, Director of Technology + Operations

For marketers, it means being purpose-led, letting values guide intuition and using data as logic.

“The art is my compass, driven by values and not calculated. The next step is usually determined by science in the form of math, logic and reality.” ~ Jim Cuene, President

Each perspective presents a paradoxical situation. Two trains of thought constantly fighting against each other, oftentimes trying to persuade you to bet the farm.

At GoKart, we bet the garden, not the farm. We guide our clients through Iteration Zero to co-create the future and then work backwards to get a Minimally Lovable Product in market.

Said another way, we’ve built methods meant to blend science and art together in a way that helps us find the sweet spot of practicality and creativity.



At GoKart Labs, we specialize in Invention & Business Strategy, User Experience & Design, Web & Mobile Software Development, and Digital Marketing. To find out more about becoming a client, call 612.454.4012.

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