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Building a Vibrant Startup Community

It gets clearer every day that established companies must find ways to work like startups if they want to unlock significant new growth.

To jumpstart that growth, companies are increasingly looking outside their walls for ideas, talent and tools. Fortunately, many cities are seeing start-up communities emerging at the same time to help foster economic development and accelerate growth.

From the Great Northern Railway to Best Buy to Medtronic, the Twin Cities area has a strong tradition of supporting innovators and entrepreneurs.

And today, we’ve got really exciting growth companies (Code42, SportNgin, JAMF software, ProtoLabs, Stratasys), long running educational programs at the U of M and St. Thomas, seasoned startup veterans and established programs like The Minnesota Cup.

We’ve also got emerging organizations and resources to help launch new ventures and nurture breakthrough ideas (i.e.

All companies, big and small benefit when there’s a vibrant community around startups.

But, what makes a vibrant startup scene?

GoKart is doing its part by sharing our methods, housing startup leaders while they plan for the next step, (Fantasy GeoPolitics, DriveScribe, and BringMeTheNews) and launching our own businesses.

Check out these articles and get inspired to help jumpstart more new ventures in your backyard. It’s good for all businesses!

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How entrepreneurs, not institutions must lead them.

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Google for Entrepreneurs

Partnering to turn ideas into startups.

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