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Design Thinking Is A Tool, Not A Solution

Design thinking is a tool, not a solution

Simply put, Design Thinking is a rising trend.

Forbes calls it: “A Unified Framework for Innovation.”

From SAP – “In its simplest form, design thinking is a process, applicable to all walks of life, of creating new and innovative ideas and solving problems; it is not limited to a specific industry or area of expertise.”

But as with any rising trend, it could either become an institution or a fad.

The path it takes from here will depend on whether people see Design Thinking as a solution—which it is not—or as a tool used to create solutions by putting human needs at the center of the conversation—which it is.

Below I cover a bit more on protecting Design Thinking from imposters, and share two inspiring examples of elegant solutions this method can help create.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking Is The New Black

How might we protect it from becoming a buzzword.

Read more – 3 mins


Smart Kapp

Meet SMART Kapp

The dry erase board, reinvented.

Learn more – 2 min.


Skype Real Time Translator

SKYPE’s Real-Time Translator

A new chapter in communication.

Watch the video – 2 min.


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