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Don’t be THAT guy

I sat down intending to lambast the whole “storytelling” thing, but, if I’m being honest with you and myself, that was me being a jaded industry-type.

Nobody likes that guy, so I pivoted.

Yes, “storytelling” is an abused term. But, dammit, when a product I believe in creates a platform, campaign or story that hits me in the gut and makes me care, there’s nothing quite like it.

Last week, the Kart was inspired by these examples of businesses and people using story to amplify their already memorable products and services.

Here’s to the power of story (and not being that guy).



[ Design and UX ]

A Year in Commerce (Infographic)

Shopify reminds us that story can make even the driest data compelling – 2 min.


[ For makers ]

The DNA Project

Planning to launch a new product? Get inspired by j.viewz. Instead of releasing a record and hoping for downloads, he’s changing the paradigm by documenting the entire process, from inception to finished song to complete album. – 4 min.


[ Digital Marketing ]

Dreaming with Jeff Bridges

Squarespace has spent years quietly building a brilliant service. Now, they’re taking their skills to the world of modern marketing, partnering with The Dude and blowing us away. – 4 min.


[ One More ]

Full Stop. New Paragraph.

It takes 15 seconds to learn exactly how good this copywriter is. – 2 min.



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