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Fearless Exploration Can Save  Your Life And Your Business

Fearless Exploration Can Save Your Life and Your Business

I came across a tweet/quote that struck home:

“Change happens when the pain of not changing grows larger than the pain of staying the same.” ~ @jaffejuice

Smart guy, that Joseph Jaffe!
I quickly replied:

“@jaffejuice preempt that pain by intentionally evolving! Set out on a path of continuous discovery.”

Without exploring the world fearlessly, we’re not living, we’re simply dying. This is true for humans and it’s true for organizations and NOBODY wants to exist this way.

Too often, organizations (and people) only set about exploring their future when it looks like things are going south. But here’s a secret — things are ALWAYS going south. For brands and companies, startups are disrupting you as we speak. For humans, we’re not getting any younger and complacency is a short ticket to being obsolete! Because of these truths, I try to live Fearless Exploration on a daily basis. And yes, this means being in a constant state of discovery and evolution.

Evolution means putting yourself in situations where anything can happen. Do that. Go somewhere new, by yourself, so you can experience and learn without the comfort (and constraint) of familiarity. Go out of your way to meet strangers. I’ve met some fascinating humans this way. And, as we all know — the fascinating humans are the ones who will help us keep discovering and evolving.

Brands and organizations can evolve by breaking out of your comfort zone and doing something that will stretch your team. At GoKart, this could be a new lab in a new location or experimenting with unique collaborative models. We all need to continuously challenge our methods, process and practice by doing things differently. Why not spend 1 day, 600 minutes to go from a problem to a pitchable business? We call that the GoKart 600 — you can do it too! Take risks, but also know why you’re doing so.

What is YOUR organization doing to discover and evolve? Let me know, I want to hear about it!
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