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Get Big On Testing

Get Big on Testing

There’s a saying we love at GoKart, and it’s become something of a mantra. ‘Think like scientists, work like farmers, dream like children.’

The ‘work like farmers’ part may be easy to grasp, but thinking like scientists while also dreaming like children? That ain’t easy.

The articles we include this week on Big Data and paracosms explore both domains and, working together, they are the peanut-butter-and-jelly combo of digital greatness.

For dessert, we want you to know that Facebook is dead. Okay, okay, maybe not dead. But we have three words you should remember: “Closed micro network.”

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Don Smithmier

A stirred—not shaken—cocktail of cool calculation and wild creativity, Don is the high-beam examination of all things we create, build and release to the world, keeping us on-task, on-budget and all of our work on-point. He’s also a freakishly fine musician, as well as the spark that ignited an online education revolution.

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