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GoKart Labs, Home Of The GoKart 600

GoKart Labs, Home of The GoKart 600

Tomorrow, on February 22nd, 2018 will be the seventh running of the GoKart 600 where the whole of GoKart Labs (everyone from Minneapolis, DC, Richmond, and Malibu) will be focused on driving ideas forward without the usual constraints of budgets, priorities or agendas. We’ll split up into five cross-functional digital product teams and at the end of 600 minutes – each will present a problem statement & audience we’re solving for, prototype solution, business case and plan for ‘what’s next’.

Why do we do this?

It’s part of our DNA and reinforces each of our core values: Balance, High Standards and Taste, Fearless Exploration, Purposeful Innovation, Pursuit of Clarity and Ownership.

And – it’s REALLY fun. We balance each team with specific skills and personalities. The GoKart 600 gives us all a chance to spend time creating side-by-side with our friends and learning more about how they think and work, learning and building on each other’s strengths. We also get to practice the various collaborative methods we use to quickly move from conjecture to clarity and to focus ideas with action and insight.

We have to trust our instincts. Every person at GoKart Labs has high standards and taste, trusting our instincts highlights this throughout The GoKart 600. The day FLIES and there is no time for second guessing or overthinking.

We believe unencumbered exploration is a key piece of our culture. We can truly be fearless in our exploration of ideas and solutions when the only limits are the brains on your team and the 600 minutes on the clock. The time constraint allows for creativity to just flow and, often, those first ideas are the best ideas.

Purpose and the best ideas go hand in hand. We begin the day with different problem statements for each team. When we are purposeful with our innovation, we see the potential not only to improve people’s lives – but to influence the world in a very positive way.

Ambiguity has no home at The GoKart 600. The pursuit of clarity is critical if you want to invent and prototype a business in 600 minutes. By practicing the art of smashing ambiguity, we hone the skill that serves us very well in our day to day lives (at work and otherwise).

By constraining the time, each member of the team really has to step up and make sure their part of the solution is covered. It builds trust and accountability when everyone contributes and owns their part.

Here are a few examples of past GK600 Inventions.

If you’d like to know more about GoKart, the 600 and how we can help your organization invent, make, market and transform with purpose, let us know.

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