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Google Changes The Game, Again

Google Changes the Game, Again

This week Google announced  a number of changes to their Adwords properties. Much of the event centered on Google’s effort to put marketers in control of the moment.

As consumers continue to fragment in their search patterns, Google is focused on making sure that advertisers can reach their audiences in the right moment.

Adwords is an ever-growing realm of complex algorithms and tense bidding wars. Beneath the features and testing, is the goal of delivering a message that helps a user find whatever they’re looking for.

Here are three new features that will help our digital marketing team use AdWords to help our clients grow.

Data Driven Attribution

Google’s recent acquisition of Adometry is paying off for Adwords practitioners. The new Adwords Attribution will run advanced algorithms that in the past were not possible for campaigns.

These algorithms will help marketers find points in the user’s journey that may be important, but overlooked. Simply put, Google is making an effort to give marketers a better picture where users are spending their time.


Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic search ads have been a part of Google’s Adwords offering for quite some time now, but yesterday marked a large step forward in transparency and ease of use.

The key piece of the DSA machine is Google’s site indexing which can create dynamic ads based on the content of the site itself. Dynamic Ads make it much easier for us to create cohesive ads that look and feel more like the sites they represent.


Cross-Device Conversions

It is essential that marketers understand new paths to conversion even as users switch between devices. Google has updated cross-device conversion tracking and will be integrating automated bidding later this year. Simply put, this will help marketers better understand the user journeys that start on one device, and later convert on another. This helps us understand if we are actually connecting with people, or losing them somewhere along the way.


Overall, Google’s changes continue to bolster their offering as each year more companies offer their own advertising alternatives. Google’s focus on attributing conversions across platform continues to prove a valuable investment. Staying informed on Adwords updates allows us here at GoKart Labs to continue to reach the right audience at the right time, bringing consumers better results when they need them.

 (photos via google Adwords)


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