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How to agree on the future

It’s often said, “the hardest thing to do is actually start” — I couldn’t agree more.

To solve this problem, GoKart created a really simple method that drives clarity and alignment around one of the biggest roadblocks in starting anything – agreeing on goals.

We’ve road-tested Playing Field with some of the biggest companies in the world, and we also use it to drive clarity with internal teams.

It’s simple, proven and we want the world to have it.


[ GoKart Blog ]

GoKart Method: Playing Field

A simple, universal way to get alignment on goals and constraints. – 3 min.


[ For makers ]

A toolbox for today’s product manager

Look inside the tools and methods used to build Intercom. – 1 min.


[ Design & UX ]

Prototyping mobile experiences

Learn how to prototype app-like mobile experiences with Pixate. – 5+ mins.


[ Strategy & Invention ]

Build a business model you can test

An online course on designing, testing, and building business models. – 2 min.


[ For everyone ]

Open Strategy

A tool of tools, in case you missed this popular link from a few weeks ago. – 2 min.



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