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How to read 15 business books in one minute

When I finished grad school, I swore I’d never read another business book.

They all seemed to spin and regurgitate the same themes.

But there’s no doubt, great books can provoke new approaches and help us all “sharpen the saw” mentally.

Still, who has time for all that reading?

Thankfully, Business Insider has a short-cut solution.  It’s a quick summary of the Top 15 business books. Just enough for you to feel in-the-know at the water cooler or inside the boardroom.

For what it’s worth, The Lean Startup and The Innovator’s Dilemma are required reading at GoKart Labs. Would love to hear what’s on your list.



Who really wants to do all that reading?

Enjoy 15 famous business books each reduced to a single sentence.

Read more – 1 min.


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