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Inside The Newsroom At BringMeTheNews

Inside the Newsroom at BringMeTheNews

Welcome to a different kind of newsroom

Imagine an open warehouse space. Exposed brick accents a long running concrete ceiling with steel pipes and aluminum vents jutting.

On the wall in constitutional cursive reads the first amendment:

‘Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…’

If you listen closely to this old place, you can almost hear newspapers folding, as men from a bygone era discuss yesterday’s news.

In this same warehouse space, Minnesota news is being reinvented.

Amy Hockert

Amy Hockert – Editor-in-Chief of BringMeTheNews

To hear the details, I sat down with BringMeTheNews editor-in-chief Amy Hockert to discuss how she runs her twenty-first century newsroom.

Hockert says in many ways BMTN operates just like other newsrooms.

“We have conversations every minute of every day about why our top story is our top story. What’s important? Why are we using this image? We’re constantly thinking about what’s relevant to our readers.”

But at the end of the day, the BMTN team’s mission is different.

While the headlines come from other news sources, a dozen experienced journalists are constantly digging, reading, reporting and writing, each adding deeper context to not just the news, but how Minnesota news is being covered across thousands of other sources.

Imagine these eyes and ears of the people, scouring the widening landscape of news sources, cutting through the clutter, committed to creating one place for all the best Minnesota news.

This delivers a richer news experience than any one source could.

Getting the story right matters

If a story has holes, BMTN won’t report it. It’s not about being first to break the news; it’s about getting the facts right.

Amy recalls the recent breaking story about Adrian Peterson’s son. She immediately took to the BMTN Facebook page saying, “in all honesty, the facts here are scarce and some of the early sourcing is sketchy at best. Here’s what we do know …”

BMTN is proud of this distinction.

The staff is always on its toes, ready to take a story to readers – but not until it’s BMTN-approved.

Deep roots in Minnesota

Among the roster of professional journalists on staff are renowned anchor Don ShelbyEric Perkins of KARE 11 notoriety and seasoned journalist Kevyn Burger, just to name a few.

The BMTN staff brings over 200 years of news experience in the Twin Cities market alone. They know what interests Minnesotans, why, and what information people need and want to know.

In addition to news you read, BMTN also produces radio news updates for stations across the state. The anchors record these newscasts throughout the day in-house.

In total, BMTN reporting now integrates into over 70 media properties throughout Minnesota, including KFAN Sports Radio and Twin Cities Business Magazine.

How BringMeTheNews got started

In the spring of 2009, award-winning newsman Rick Kupchella enlisted GoKart founder Don Smithmier to help turn his idea for 21st century news into a business plan. Shortly thereafter A.J. Meyer, GoKart’s other founding partner, joined the team to help imagine a better Minnesota news experience.

Four years into the partnership and BMTN now delivers news to a million Minnesotans weekly.

A bright future ahead

This old-fashioned newsroom tenacity and the cutting-edge distribution system project a bustling future for BMTN.

“I feel so lucky to be a part of something strong, growing and healthy,” Amy says.

BringMeTheNews is so much more than a news site; it’s the state’s best news, hand-curated by some of the most experienced journalists in the Twin Cities. Whether through the site, social media, the mobile apps, text updates, or radio, while you’re at home, work, or on-the-go, BringMeTheNews delivers the best Minnesota news when you want it, where you want it, how you want it.

How do you get your news?

At GoKart Labs, we have been a development and strategic partner with BringMeTheNews from the beginning. We specialize in Invention & Business Strategy, User Experience & Design, Web & Mobile Software Development, and Digital Marketing. To find out more about becoming a client, call 612.454.4012.

This Post Has 11 Comments
  1. You guys are doing great. I look at BMTN at least 5-6 times a day. Love the informative sound bites. Keep up the good work. You rock AMY.

    From zip code 55045

  2. BMTN is news for today’s world. Concise, focused and current. Your site is up alongside my other favorites all day at work and checked regularly. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  3. Agree with all comments. I really like the quick concise tweets from @BringMN which is how I get my news. I have found that if you follow the right people you can glean exactly the news you want from Twitter.

  4. BMTN has quickly become my news site of choice. One suggestion or comment: the underlined blue links to other articles really does not show up well with the black background. I do not have this problem with other sites.

    Thank you.

    Dick Moudry

  5. I am a news freak. I read numerous articles all day from a half a dozen sources. Your news is not only excellent with the choices, but the content as well. I was actually choked up when I read who was the ideaman and then the team who also seems to be inspirational as well as hard working. I love Rick and Amy and Kevyn. I am a true fan and I have told all who will listen, to read you guys.
    The idea that you took the stuff that I am interested in and knew what I liked, and then continously write about it, blows my socks off. I realize it is not about me, but I swear it is the exact items of news I am interested in.
    Thank you as well for making some of the articles told; compassionate. We are all grateful you are telling the stories with grace and dignity. You deserve an award for that dact alone.
    Keep up the great work. You guys all rock…….

  6. Hi Kevyn,
    I have been wondering how u were doing both professionally and with your health. Miss hearing u on the radio. Would listen to you at work in the early to mid 2000s.
    Am now retired and love it.
    Wishing you the very very best.

  7. This is an amazingly fresh, uncomplicated, and informative news source. It’s a please to read every morning when I get up or as soon as I get my email notification of an update. Keep up the great work, and remember if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it please…

    PS – BMTN is now my opening page for both of my favorite web browsers.

    Rich Reynolds

  8. Ended up on your site while reading about the 29 year old US citizen in jail in Dubai, UAE.

    How about a Texas Burea?

  9. My favorite news app!!! Perfect format for ease in scrolling through news stories. Definitely my go to app for local news many times a day. Professional and concise. Like the gray background with white letters, only problem is that the green font color is almost impossible to read.
    Talented staff, fine product, keep up the good work!!!

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