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Instilling Ownership

Instilling Ownership

No single person can bear the burden of their team’s results – whether that team is a project team, a department, or the whole company. It’s important to differentiate between accountability and responsibility. The leader of a team is accountable to deliver on the goals that are set. But they must empower everyone on the team to share in the responsibility and take ownership of the work at hand.

Sounds easy, right?

But it’s a lot of hard work, and the nature of the work is developing people to step up and own their actions – rather than micromanaging or deciding for them how to do every task.

Spend your time thinking about how your team can accomplish their goals and empower them to solve problems in their own ways.

Here is what Ownership looks like at GoKart:

Declare it as an expected behavior.

At GoKart when we talk about our core values, we mean the behaviors that we strive for and the spirit with which we approach our actions every day. Our core values have even become the way we behave as humans outside of work. We don’t put on a core values suit when we arrive at the office.

Set expectations clearly and often – and circle back on results.

A clear understanding of the goal is key to everyone’s success. You can’t just fire off bullet points and expect full comprehension and great work. Set clear expectations and then dig into how the team can go about accomplishing those goals. Give feedback often, and course-correct when necessary.

Extend your trust.

There is strength in everyone bringing their own point of view to the table. Even if you have really specific ideas about how to achieve the goal, someone else may approach that work in a very different way. To achieve the right outcomes, give your team the power to innovate and solve things their own way.

Share actionable data.

For culture of ownership to flourish, everyone needs to understand the big picture. At GoKart, our leadership shares our progress against our revenue and hiring goals at our all company meeting each month.

With knowledge, each department leader can help their teams understand how the work they do ladders up to the collective success.

Start with your own group or team and test it out grass-roots style. By setting expectations placing trust in your team, ownership can become part of your workplace culture.


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