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Is It Time to Detox from Social Media?

As the song goes, there’s something happening here.

Something in the age of connection that has so many feeling so lonely. Something that even in this instantly searchable world has so many feeling so lost.

Because when we have more Likes than friends, something has to give.

“We’re an addicted nation,” says director of creative strategy Matt Johnson, himself on a social media detox. “We’re addicted to feedback, addicted to sharing our story with our social audience. It’s almost like the event didn’t happen if you don’t post about it.”

There’s an irony here.

You’re reading this on a screen, and if you like it you will share it. Someone you know will see it and maybe they’ll do the same.

Is that a bad thing? Does technology have to foster the innovation of loneliness, dividing and devoicing us from what we value most?

We don’t think so.

We see technology as a tool, not a vice.

We believe technology should fuel discovery and connection. We believe in building experiences that foster closeness and strengthen lives.

But people simply cannot nurture hundreds of connections without something having to give. So if you agree, and you see the opportunity to focus your screen time, by all means pull back.

If you want to focus that time on family, get Kinly.

Kinly is an app for connecting families, but it’s more than that. It’s fun photos of your teenagers they’d never put on Facebook. It’s peace of mind when they check-in at school. It’s focused, manageable, and most importantly, it strengthens your connections that matter most.

Have you cut down on social networks you actively use? Have you taken or considered taking time away from social media altogether? 

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