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Is your culture ready for innovation?

How do you know if yours is an innovative culture?

To answer that question, you first need to answer another: which type of innovation does your organization really need?

It’s one thing to be good at incremental innovation — maximizing efficiency, managing risk, and optimizing current products.

But what about the kinds of innovation that have Nest in Honeywell’s kitchen and Dollar Shave Club cutting into Gillette?

Aim too low and it’s the path to obsolescence. Aim too high and you’ll miss what’s right in front of you.

Here are some quick reads to get the conversation going.


Are you solving the right problem?

How top-down innovation often creates a cultural divide.

Read more – 3 min.



15 Types of Innovation

How many of these do you practice?

Read more – 3 min.


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Don Smithmier

A stirred—not shaken—cocktail of cool calculation and wild creativity, Don is the high-beam examination of all things we create, build and release to the world, keeping us on-task, on-budget and all of our work on-point. He’s also a freakishly fine musician, as well as the spark that ignited an online education revolution.

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