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Kinly App Earning News Coverage

Kinly App Earning News Coverage

Amidst a growth in ‘Facebook fatigue‘, WCCO-TV and Fox 9 news met GoKart Labs partner, Matt Johnson to discuss his invention, Kinly, a social  app to help connect families on the go.

Have a look.


Fox 9

Give Kinly a shot with your kin, and let us know what you think.

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  1. I was excited about trying this app unfortunately, my husband & I have android phones, our 16yr old daughter has an iPhone. Needs to be compatible for all types.

  2. Kinly has spent a lot of time & money on advertising but hasn’t spent any time looking at the fine details of the app itself. Such as Jen has already stated, there is no compatibility with the different makes.. A lot of PR and no end result = Who Cares?… Improve the product and MAYBE you’ll become a hit app. Other than that, you’ll be skidding on ice for a half-grown idea.

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