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All you need is love

Feel the love.

You do every time you pick up an iPhone or get in your Subaru. When you put on that jacket from Patagonia or use the Flipboard app, you’re experiencing the work of someone or a team that puts love into what they’re making.

It’s in the fit and finish, in the distinctly great way it all fits together.

There are tons of competent designers, coders and marketers out there. But, we’re inspired by the ones that bring love — the extra energy to deliver something that is beautiful, the care and concern for the total experience — to their projects, making something great in the process.

Even though we work in digital and it moves so fast, the great work around us reminds us to slow down, to refocus on the people who use what we make. If we put in a little extra upfront — empathy, understanding, craft — we can create great experiences people will fall in love with.

Next time you have a great experience with a product, think about how a little love and attention makes the difference between good and great.


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