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Creativity Under Constraints

If you think about it, constraints lay the foundation for endless creativity.

140 character tweets. 6 second Vines. 600 minutes to create two businesses.

When we get the boundaries right, red, yellow, and blue become every color imaginable. And 118 chemical elements make up everything in our physical world, including ourselves.

So it’s no surprise that constraints drive leading brands to focus on a clear purpose, why great writing usually follows exhaustive research, and how being trapped in an airport can lead to one of the best videos of the year.



Airbnb becomes a purpose-driven brand

Not just travel and lodging, but a global symbol of belonging.

Watch Video – 2 min.



Stuck all by himself in an airport

Man creates Internet gold.

Watch it now – 5 min.


Inside Oscar-winner’s writing lab

How he distills the essential story.

Watch it now – 5 min.


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