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Moments are the new currency

These days, many marketing experts will tell you:

Don’t try to convince consumers your company is great, instead use your expertise to help them solve problems. Be as useful as possible.

And in return, they’ll reward you by buying what you sell, telling their friends, and you’ll crush all your goals.

This can work… but usually… you need to 1) interrupt consumers, 2) move them to your content, and 3) help them so much they take action.

The mobile rewards company Kiip has a twist on that model, where brands join consumers already acting on their own goals, and reward their achievements.

Kids today. They get a trophy for everything.


Turning Time into Currency at Age 23

Kiip’s real and virtual rewards let brands join consumers at their best moments.

Read more – 3 min.


But Cash Is Still King

Good not to forget, profit is still the currency that matters most.

Watch visualization – 1 min.



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