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Monopolies, Cults, and New Classics

Peter Thiel is by any account a successful entrepreneur.

He was on the founding PayPal team, the first outside investor in Facebook, and has a very influential venture fund in Founders Fund.

So, when he published his book Zero to One (with co-author Blake Masters), we ordered it, and can already tell it will be a new classic in our library at GoKart (yes, we have actual books).

This is not your standard “how to” book, with 5 easy steps to success. It’s an ambitious intellectual effort. To get a sense of his approach, you can read a chapter on Monopolies at the Wall Street journal.

Finally, you can get into the ideas without actually buying the book. Available now at Masters’ blog, you can read his thorough notes taken while he was a student in Thiel’s Startups class at Stanford.


Thiel: How to Run Your Startup Like a Cult

No company has a culture; every company is a culture.

Read more – 3 min.


Who has time to read?

Read 15 business books in 1 minute.

See more – 1 min.


On building monopolies

Capturing the value you create.

Read more – 3 min.


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