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New Brands We Love

We love companies creating truly innovative things: great new products, surprisingly useful tools, breakthrough brand-building approaches. Throw in a little entrepreneurial passion, some startup swagger and you’ve got a pretty good recipe for inspiration.

Here are a couple brands inspiring us right now. – They provide a collaboration and communication tool, but not like any you’ve ever seen. It’s a complete rethink of how fast-moving teams keep up to date, on plan and focused on delivering.

Why we love them

They’ve got a great origin story, a weirdly charismatic founder and a groundswell of love from users.

Oh, and they’re growing fast without any marketing spend.

Key message for us

Don’t be afraid to rethink and reframe the problem (How can teams manage their communication without email), put love and care into designing a beautiful application, and take care of your users. – They’re the little-guy online retailer tilting at Amazon, growing even though their revenue is a rounding error on Amazon’s bandwidth budget.

Why we love them

They’re growing the classic way: one fan at a time, word of mouth with great service. And, of course, inspired brand building, mostly delivered through customer service and social media with a bizarre but accessible verve.

Key message for us

Use your values and purpose to clarify your efforts, commit 100% to creating remarkable experiences for your users.

How about you? What brands do you see doing amazing things? What do they have in common? We’re always looking for more inspiration.


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