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Meet Amee Mungo, Director Of Client Services, DC Lab

Meet Amee Mungo, Director of Client Services, DC Lab

What are your favorite types of problems to solve? How do you approach problem solving?

Amee Mungo: I love going after problems that affect humans from the massive middle of our society… it is far easier to design a product/experience for the top 5% than the middle 80% of Americans who are working to sustain families, pay healthcare bills, afford education and pay off student loans, or want to feel confident in their financial spending, saving, and planning. These are the opportunities where answers aren’t so easily defined or arrived at. You have to roll up your sleeves, listen intently, empathize with sincerity, and plan strategies with small experiments, constantly going back to your customer for feedback and improvement insights.

What makes you unique?

Amee Mungo: I really care about my co-workers and people at large, as much as I talk about it. I believe that if my work enables teams (at GoKart Labs and at our clients’ companies) to do better in their daily work lives, this then enables them to be more satisfied and fulfilled human beings. If people are more satisfied at work, when they go home, they engage in their lives more passionately, they take care of themselves better, they are nicer to their partners, maybe they even are better parents/neighbors/community members. I know, I know, I just got all-Oprah on us here, but 100%, this is what drives me to do my work and makes me unique. That and I typically have the energy of three human beings!

What do you like to do outside of work?

Amee Mungo: Be active. Exercise. And keep up with my Mungos. I am lucky enough to have 4 kids and a super engaged and active husband. So quite honestly, with that lineup we really do a lot of physical activity – hiking, skiing, running, basketball, and tennis together as a family. It is the best way to teach our children to value their strength and it certainly helps me stay committed to my fitness routines!

If someone were to Google you, what do you hope pops up?

Amee Mungo:

Two things:
My final remarks that I delivered as a panelist at Envera Health’s TruthLab event in June 2018. I was on a transformation panel with healthcare experts representing financial services. I got super passionate about designing for, and helping the massive middle when it comes to better financial service products, experiences, and individual learning. Changing and improving financial behaviors is all incremental, but can add up to a better life for all Americans. After my closing remarks, one of the audience members asked me when I was running for political office. I was flattered, to say the least, but also knew that I struck a chord with that audience.

The photo of me running my first marathon back in 1999 on a chilly morning in Columbus, Ohio. The photo was of me and Grandmother after crossing the finish line – in her proper black wool dress coat, oversize sunglasses, and classic red lipstick from the 40s’ that she wore every day. I ran that marathon in her (living) honor and raised over $6,000 for Breast Cancer Research. Grandma Ricketts was a 30-year Breast Cancer Survivor and one of the toughest and most kind human beings I have ever met. She died in 2005, but that photo has etched a memory in my soul forever. I miss her every day.

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