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Meet Angie Swatfager GoKart’s Chief Financial Officer

Meet Angie Swatfager GoKart’s Chief Financial Officer

Tell us a little bit about your background.

My experience has been within high-growth businesses. I worked at MinuteClinic as they evolved from eight clinics to more than 500 clinics, and I’ve been consulting with companies for the last seven years. I find growth-focused companies have a specific set of needs that fit well with my skill set and background in both finance and operations.

What led you to your new role at GoKart?

For the next step in my career path, I was looking for a company that is going through fast growth, has impactful and challenging work, awesome people, balanced values, and treats employees with integrity. I wasn’t sure I would find that, but now here I am. I’m excited to help take GoKart Labs to the next level.

What are your favorite problems to solve?

Rapid growth can come with a lot of challenges. That’s why I get so jazzed to work with growth companies and startups. I love to bring an operational process to corporations with a numbers focus. I get a lot of satisfaction out of being a part of a growth company and help them gain confidence along the way.

Do you have a philosophy around how to build for growth?

Growth isn’t something an organization just decides to do on paper. It comes from people working hard, individual people intentionally driving that growth in very direct ways that affect their work and their lives. The key is making sure that you’re supporting all of your people through those phases. That means getting just as serious about creating strong operations as you are about hitting financial goals. That’s how you build for a future that can sustain growth. You help people work better faster, rather than just trying to squeeze more and more out of the people and processes you depend on today. Our teams are going to grow, our projects are going to grow. We need to make sure we have the systems and processes that make it possible for everyone to keep delivering and loving what they do.

Which of GKL’s core values resonate with you the most?

All the GoKart core values fascinate me. I didn’t realize that all of GoKart took the time to build these out together — they weren’t just determined by HR or the leadership team. I love that. The core value that stands out most to me is Fearless Exploration, Our role in the world is to understand what’s possible, what’s happening, and what matters. This description is so powerful. I think it embodies the startup mindset and how to be innovative. It is critical that we think about how to make life better, more accessible, more fun across our whole lives, not just work.

Read the full press release here.

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