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Meet Elli Rader, GoKart’s New Vice President Of Client Services & Business Development

Meet Elli Rader, GoKart’s New Vice President of Client Services & Business Development

We’re happy to announce the promotion of Elli Rader to Vice President of Client Services & Business Development. Her focus will be on building and growing new and existing client relationships across the agency’s offices in Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. We asked Elli to answer some questions about her time at GoKart thus far and her vision for the future.

What’s your favorite thing about working at GKL?

I joined the team at the perfect time to evolve my career and GoKart. That reciprocity has never changed. I continue to feel challenged in ways that advance my career while also adding the right value to the organization. I’ve tried a variety of roles at a lot of different companies, and GoKart is the first place where the balance has always been perfect for my capacity and velocity. I never take it for granted.

Which of GKL’s core values do you strive for the most?

Our core values are interesting because I believe we excel at different ones at different times. I certainly have phases where I’m great at Fearless Exploration and other times where I feel more risk averse. I find we all go through phases where Balance is harder to maintain — and I’m definitely in one of those phases right now as I’m taking on a new, much bigger role at GoKart. In spite of that, I am honed in on Pursuit of Clarity, right now. I’m balancing and wrestling with driving clarity on big-picture strategy and day-to-day tactical execution. It’s not coming easily to me at the moment, so I’m finding myself trying to over-index on it.

What are your favorite types of problems to solve?

The hardest problems are the most rewarding for me to solve, and are therefore my favorites. The biggest, riskiest, messiest, most complicated, obstacle-ridden problems. Luckily those are easy to find in digital innovation, particularly in the heavily regulated industries that we tend to work in — Financial Services, Healthcare, and Education.

If you were a superhero what would your superpower be?

It’s that people tell me things. Maybe I shouldn’t share that! I think the combination of my transparency and calm demeanor makes people feel at ease and willing to share. This is so important in client work — if I truly know the challenges and obstacles my client has upfront, it’s a lot easier for me to help.

Read the full press release on Elli’s promotion here.

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