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Curiosity is at the heart of all GoKart Labs employees. We merge left-brain business savvy, analytics and technical expertise with right-brain intuition, curiosity and aesthetics to incubate, execute and optimize what we do.

  • Leadership
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Client Leadership
  • Solution Leadership
  • Delivery
  • HR & Support

A.J. Meyer

Co-Founder/ Chief Expansion Officer

Don Smithmier

Co-Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

Angie Swatfager

Chief Financial Officer

Amy Larson

VP, Talent

Elli Rader

VP, Client Services and Business Development

Mark Hines

VP, Delivery

Matthew Johnson

VP, Strategy

Adam Dole

Director, Solution Leadership

Beth Allen

Director, Marketing

Chris Pegg

Director, Business Analysis

Matthew Schneider

Director, UX & Design

    Jenna Alden

    Director, Project Management

      Josh Cragun

      Director, Technology

      Tate Leyba

      Associate Director, UX & Design

      Scott Jagodzinski

      Managing Director, Ventures

      Amee Mungo

      Client Lead

        Amy Ward

        Marketing Manager

        Eric Lovold

        Client Lead

        Marissa Matchey

        Marketing and Business Development Intern

        Michelle Powers

        Client Lead

        Devin Bezdicek

        Solution Lead

        Eric Johnson

        Solution lead

        James Diers

        Solution Lead

        Kate Nolan

        Solution Lead

        Adam Lutz

        Sr Developer

        Alison Barrett

        Sr Developer

        Adam Papierniak

        Sr Developer

        Andrew Norell

        Sr Developer

        Andy Manthei

        Sr Designer

        Ben Steinbach

        Sr Business Analyst

        Carlos Posas

        Project Manager

        Carrie Bucko

        Project Manager

        Chad Gillard

        Business Analyst Lead

        Mark Buccella

        UX Designer

        Cheryl Chotrani

        Consumer Insights and Research Lead

        Conor Flood


        Elyse Ash

        Sr Writer

        Matthew Volenec

        Solution Lead

        Mia Crow

        Marketing Manager

        Nick Stark

        Sr Developer

        Razan Hantash

        Business Analyst

        Reid Ronnander

        Data Scientist

        Scott Miller

        Sr Business Analyst

        Tim Drabandt

        Sr Designer

        AJ Weydt


        Nick Kluskowski

        UX Designer

        Zach Simon

        Copywriting Intern

        Aaron Chung

        UX and Design Intern

        David Medwid

        IT Manager

        Matthew Erickson

        Process Management Office Leader

        Randi Myhre


        Emmy Nowaczyk

        Office Experience Coordinator

          Megan Niemer

          Administrative Assistant

          Annie Wesen

          General Accountant

            Michaela Birchmeier

            HR Intern

            Nick Bryant

            Client Lead

            Victoria Flood

            Client Lead

            Nora Guerrera

            Solution Lead

            OUR CORE VALUES

            Our core values are the glue that hold GoKart Labs together. They reflect who we are, how we measure our work, and what we expect of ourselves, teammates, clients and partners. Defined by GoKarters and for GoKarters, these values aren’t just written on a wall, they define our culture and help us protect it.

            High Standards and Taste

            We believe in knowing what is good and why it’s good. We value informed opinions, discerning taste, and open minds (because things change).


            We believe trust is earned. To earn trust from our clients and partners requires earning it from one another first. We do what we say and follow through on our commitments. We are accountable to one another and our clients. By owning our issues, we own our future.

            Pursuit of Clarity

            We believe in making the complex simple. We know that to explain something, you must first understand it. Real clarity requires great questions, clear answers, analysis of data, constant dialog, and outstanding written and verbal communication. The world can’t always be clear, but we can make it clearer.

            Fearless Exploration

            We believe our role is to understand what’s possible, what’s happening, and what matters. We value curious minds and exploration. Because exploration means risking failure, we look for people with the courage and humility to know that failure is an essential ingredient of long-term success.

            Purposeful Innovation

            We believe great ideas are commonplace. Far more rare are ideas that solve problems, are well executed, and come from looking at a problem or opportunity from all sides.


            We believe the best mix of people hold a diversity of interests, a broad perspective informed by experience and travel, an even mood and a healthy lifestyle.


            Quotes from current employees and alumni:

            “Every day, I feel like I provide value and learn something new. My teams continue to push me, and I am growing professionally and personally.”

            “I love my job and love the people I work with”

            “I did some of the most amazing work of my career at GKL. There are some really smart people there solving important problems.”

            Awards and accolades

            BPTW, Best Places To Work
            Inc. 5000 Logo
            Top Places To Work, Top Work Places Star Tribune Logo
            Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal Fast 50

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