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Hypothesis: If we can identify and improve areas of Adopt-A-Classroom’s internal operations that are currently holding them back, they will outgrow current marketing, financial and interface barriers and be able to provide the teachers they serve with the quality service they deserve.

Approach/ Solution: We started by evaluating current technology for effectiveness. This led to replatforming internal accounting systems, marketing platforms and user-interfaces using cloud-based e-commerce tools and Salesforce’s modern services. Adopt-A-Classroom needed a website flexible enough to launch new marketing initiatives and overcome user obstacles on donation channels, all with an easy to use online experience.

“We had a complex tech problem and needed help. Our platform is what we use to drive growth to help more teachers across the country. Our previous system limited us so much, but the work we’ve done [with GoKart Labs] will help fuel the success of our programs for decades to come.

I was very impressed by the long-term view of the work. GoKart Labs has become a partner, not just with our technological needs, but our overall strategy going forward. Our relationship is very collaborative, like an extension of our staff.”

– Ann Pifer, Executive Director at Adopt a Classroom

“Our work with Adopt-A-Classroom was important to us because we share the same goal–use digital solutions to improve the quality of education for all. In Adopt-a-Classroom’s case, they achieve that goal by making sure teachers have the funds they need to run their classrooms. We helped them rethink their fundraising platform, and helped them reimagine it so that it could serve more classrooms, teachers, schools and students.

We’re incredibly proud of the work we did with them, both as a client and as a pro-bono partner.”

– Mark Hines, VP of Delivery at GoKart Labs

Outcome: The outcome was a modernized digital experience.

Results: From 2016-2018

  • Unrestricted funds increased by 73%
  • Website bounce rate has decreased by 16.47% (58.70% – 42.23%)
  • Average donation amount increased by $112.64 ($166.89 to $279.53)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Campaign boosted e-cards sent by 2568 (848%!) (343 to 2911)
  • Teacher logins to the site per month nearly doubled (4,423 – 7,386)