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Should you create one app or many?

There’s a healthy app debate these days, particularly around one question:

“Should we create one app to rule them all or specific apps for specific needs?”

This conversation generally trends toward bad examples like Facebook separating Messenger from its core mobile app.

That decision annoys users because people have grown used to one holistic experience, and no one likes being forced to change.

But if you’re in a position to create brand new apps that perfectly capture the passions of specific groups, we see real opportunity there.

Because yes, you may attract a smaller audience, but they’re more likely to love the app. Need convincing? Just look at the following examples from how Nike and Evernote are creating specific apps for specific needs.

Nike Skateboarding App – Aspiration, community, & nosegrinds. See more ~1min.

Nike Golf App – From tee to green on one screen. See more ~1min.

Nike Soccer App – Rally your crew, for kicks. See more ~1min.

Evernote App Center – Hundreds of apps for work & lifestyles. See more ~1min.

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