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Social Advertising Tips for 2015

Last week we featured ways to unplug and live less distracted lives.

So this week we explore the evolving world of social advertising, which offers more ways than ever to market to the distracted.

Facebook offers the most data-rich ad platform, with a wild array of interests and behavioral dimensions, and now targeting based on someone’s current location.

Not sure whether to be creeped out or applaud.

Either way, with Facebook’s recent Atlas purchase, a cross-platform, cross-device ad server, they’re going far beyond News Feed and taking a run at Google Display.

Next, Twitter is following Facebook’s every step, introducing conversion-based campaigns (i.e. only pay for clicks), targeting by Look-A-Likes of customer lists, and Re-Targeting website visitors.

LinkedIn has been slow to the game, but just added “Audience Expansion”, which is their answer to Look-A-Like audiences.

And then there’s Pinterest, which is collecting a wait list for advertisers while big brands help them iron out the kinks.

But with talk of Audience Targeting and Conversion Tracking, I expect Pinterest’s ad platform, with their users’ strong purchase intent, to become a strong new growth driver for brands big and small in 2015.

What a time to grow businesses.

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