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Stop Planning and Start Doing

If we’re being honest with ourselves, we don’t know what we don’t know. Even what seems to be the best business, marketing or product plans fall apart once we get something in market. We get cemented into the planning mud and feel stuck.

There are certainly ways to avoid this. In fact, as a quick Google search verifies, there are millions of different ways. The good news is that we’ve weeded through the digital depths to bring you what we believe to be three of the most helpful ways to get you unstuck from planning so you can start doing.


GoKart Labs Method Spotlight Series: Traction Marketing

How you can create a marketing plan in one hour.

Read more – 5 mins.


Seth Godin’s SHIPIT Journal

Fight the resistance and keep shipping.

View The Journal


SY/Partners’ UNSTUCK mobile app

An in-the-moment digital coach.

Learn About It 


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