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Strategy: The Why To Your Digital What

Strategy: The Why to Your Digital What

There are 97.2 million search results for “digital strategist” on Google. “Digital strategy” has been tweeted about 4,200 times in the past 10 days. SlideShare showcases 1,316,830presentations on said topic. Regardless of where you go, endless click holes escort you nowhere.

We get it. Trying to wrangle the Internet and technology is elusive. Googling isn’t the solution.

What we’re really in pursuit of is figuring out the ‘why’ to inspire our digital ‘what.’

GoKart fearlessly explores the why to your digital what by letting human-centered design guide us there. It’s a collaborative approach to building strategy with our clients, not for them. We do all of this to articulate the why, while impatiently creating the what.

We believe uncovering the why starts with human beings, not technology. To give you a better understanding of how this goes down in Suite 520, here’s what my yesterday looked like …

As always, a busy day. Equal parts headphones-on and collaboration. After beginning the day developing a method for generating crystal clear problem statements for clients (9-10am), I switched gears to explore analogous inspiration for an upcoming Iteration Zero (10-11am).

I spent the next 60 minutes sharing a Traction Marketing plan (11-12pm), followed by checking in with the team responsible for delivering Lab Notes to your inbox every week (12-1pm).

I hit the home stretch of the afternoon by sketching out user journeys (1-2pm), brewing an in-house Nespresso (2pm), leading a brand purpose and belief session (2:30-3pm), presenting a digital experience design solution (3-4pm) and ended the day in full-on copywriting mode. 

All of this done in constant pursuit of clarity to figure out the why for digital whats.

Honestly, it’s as fun and rewarding as it sounds. And, the good news for those interested is that we recently published an opening for a Strategist to help us better untangle the why.

 If creating and growing digital businesses is your thing, we’d love to hear from you.


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  1. I find myself curiously clicking on just about every link and being pointed toward useful information for an entrepreneur/ creator at every turn. No dead ends and lots of useful digital strategy! Thanks for the insight about what a day in the life at GKL is like.

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