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Supporting Startups And Startup Week

Supporting Startups and Startup Week

Since opening our doors in 2009, we’ve founded or co-founded six different companies. Some have been successful and some not so much, others are still growing, all profoundly worthwhile. Launching our own startups and investing in entrepreneurs has always been an integral part of GoKart Labs’ culture, giving us the empathy, speed, optimism and the agility we need to best help our clients of all sizes. GoKart Labs formalized our Ventures department in late 2016, but has long been a part of the community.

For the second year, we will be hosting the 2018 Twin Cities Startup Awards (check out last year’s winners). This event is our way of giving back and celebrating the amazing entrepreneurs and their work in the Twin Cities. Please weigh in and take a moment to nominate someone who you think does amazing work here or register to attend the event.

Why do we work with and support startups?

It’s in our DNA. We will always have the structure and spirit of a startup. Taking a leadership role in Startup Week allows us to be true to our beginnings and give back to the business community that has allowed us to thrive.

They inspire us. Startups have to think differently than more established organizations. Surrounding ourselves with this community allows us to continue to bring a unique approach to our work with highly regulated, Fortune 500 companies. The entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive in both of our labs and allows us to go about our business in a very nimble, innovative manner. We aren’t afraid of trial and error, and we don’t stray from a challenge.

We work for entrepreneurs. We need to understand what drives them, what they are thinking about, and their community and events to better serve them. Understanding entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial minded people allows us to be better business people and partners for our clients.

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