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The Future Of Digital: Who Wins & Who Loses

The Future of Digital: Who Wins & Who Loses

A brilliant presentation from Scott Galloway on Amazon/Apple/Facebook/Google – the 4 horsemen of the digital world.

Here’s his take on who will win and who will lose…

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[ eCommerce ]

No pure play retailer (see: only online or only offline sales) can keep up with the fastest growing retailers, even Amazon. Warby Parker opened stores and they’re now second in the US in sales per square foot. Don’t be surprised to see Amazon should acquire gas stations.

[ Social Web ]

Facebook is not dying, it’s getting stronger. The people who say the younger crowd doesn’t use it are ignoring the numbers. Google+ is dead. Instagram has exploded and has by far the most engaged users.

[ Mobile ]

The mobile economy is not friendly to Google’s business model. Mobile has surpassed desktop, and people spend 80% of time on mobile in apps, which means fewer searches in Google, which means click costs and ad revenue for Google are easing down.

[ Branding ]

“Luxury brands are in the business of propagation. Tesla is not an environmental car, it’s an attempt to tell people you can afford a $120k car. The core axiom of evolution is men paying $150k for cars that can go 160mph in domains where you can only go 55. It makes no sense. Women will continue to pay $600 for ergonomically impossible shoes to try to solicit offers from those same men.”

He also said he knows some of this will be wrong, but funny and compelling stuff.


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