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Engineering Greatness

At GoKart, inventing companies is the core of what we do. Transforming experience is the heart of who we are. Beyond generating revenue, we believe building startups fuels our creativity and drives our passion to design better, smarter and more innovative businesses.

Startups That Go Further.

Our startups begin with a focus on the future. We watch trends, technology and people to gauge everything from audience behavior to industry trends. We fuse science with imagination to incubate, test and deploy new companies that create jobs, solve problems and radically improve modern life.

Never. Stop. Learning.

Invented: 2014
Launched: 2015

Free online courses. Renowned brands and businesses. The Big Know teams major brands and big-name experts with compelling content marketing, entertainment, digital media, and online learning techniques to educate, challenge and inspire audiences to improve their lives in meaningful ways.

Love the ones you’re with.

Invented: 2012
Launched: 2013
Retired: 2014

Kinly was invented and built as an answer to sprawling social media networks that diluted authentic connections among family and friends. Kinly gave people the chance to manage and maintain the connections and relationships that really mattered, without the clutter of big social networking sites.

Get everyone on board.

Invented: 2013
Launched: 2014

SoGo was designed for non-profits as a secure way to conduct boardroom meetings. A private social platform, it offered document sharing, asynchronous secure voting and automatic documentation and archiving of discussions/minutes using simple, safe and collaborative processes.

Good news. Right here.

Invented & Launched: 2009

Acquired by Pohlad Companies: 2015

Fast, focused and multi-platform, filters through hundreds of traditional and non-traditional news sources and social platforms to bring people the news they want and need. Developed in 2009 by award-winning Twin Cities investigative journalist and TV news anchor, Rick Kupchella, BMTN makes it simple to get, share and discuss what’s happening in Minnesota.

A (world) class act.

Invented & Launched: 2009
Acquired by Capella Education: 2012

Sophia delivers an engaging, self-paced and flexible online learning experience that combines high-quality curriculum with universal accessibility. Offering free resources as well as low-cost for-credit courses eligible for transfer to over 2000 colleges and universities, Sophia helps thousands of students and teachers transform the way they learn and teach.

GoKart 600: Ideas that take off.

GoKart 600 is our experiment lab. It’s an Invention Event where we build a viable product or business in 600 minutes. It sharpens instincts, critical thinking and skills, and makes us even better at growing and inventing businesses for both ourselves and our clients.

Pint Tryst

Pint Tryst - 2012

Tap into excellence.

Pint Tryst is digital beer diary app that lets users login and rate their favorite microbrews. Its simple interface makes it easy to track, share and get suggestions based on their preferences.

Watch the video - 2013

Share and share alike.

Try.It is a safe, social lending and borrowing networks that connects people who want to try new things (say, bungee-jumping) with folks who already have the gear. Our values—being green, human interaction and trying new things—are at the core of this app.

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Set My Stage

Setmystage - 2013

Art access for all.

Independent theatres run on shoestrings. Set My Stage lets companies and schools track, browse and lend out entire inventories of costumes, sets and props. Our goal is to help theaters everywhere thrive, regardless of size or operating budget.

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Whitespace - 2014

An inspirational culture.

Like Pinterest for business leaders, WhiteSpace is a sharing network that lets users search, organize and share links, images and videos that will spark inspiration and ideas for fresh approaches, new solutions and creative enhancements.

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