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VIDEO: Columbia University 600 Race Day

VIDEO: Columbia University 600 Race Day

The GoKart 600 was designed to focus small groups on solving a specific problem with constraints: 600 minutes and one full day. Last year we collaborated with our client, Columbia University, for their own race day.

Columbia University saw the opportunity to educate more of their team about design-thinking methodology, putting the user first and learning to work more collaboratively, fast. In the end, we had developed a pitch deck making a business case to help them to gain an ongoing product team funding grant. By the end of the day, everyone had learned a lot about the opportunity, the benefits of working with constraint and speed, and they got a chance to rehearse their pitch in front of the entire GoKart staff with great success.

GoKart Labs | GoKart 600 Case Study from Marko Zitzer on Vimeo.

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