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What Innovators Are Reading: Health Care

This week, we’re covering a complex industry in dire need of bold innovation.

That’s right, we’re talking about Health Care.

It’s a massive topic, so we reached out to two health care change-makers to bring you what they’re reading, thinking, and why you should care.

Their experience is diverse, but their insight is aligned. The common theme is solving real problems, for real people, by starting small — keeping the solution “human” and iterating until right.

Hope you enjoy their insights.

Adam Dole

Being a change agent is not about being a hero

“One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, is that in order to solve big problems you must start with small solutions and show what’s possible. My colleague Robert Read, provides 6 tips for being a change agent inside the Federal Government. These principles provide great insight into the state of mind and behavior that can be applied by anyone within any size organization looking to make an impact.”

Read article – 7 mins.


Vineet Singal

The 7 Habits of Highly Patient Centric Providers

“The author, Dave Chase, is a very knowledgeable commentator of the current patient engagement landscape, and it is exciting to hear him speak about the growing focus on patient engagement within different sectors of the healthcare ecosystem. The ‘seven habits’ that Dave refers to are the cornerstones of the new era of provider-centric patient engagement.”

Read Article – 10 mins.



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