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What is the #GoKart600?



This Friday, from 8 AM to 6 PM, the entire staff of GoKart Labs will once again be working under time and funding constraints to invent a viable product or business in 600 minutes.

We will rely on our established methods for innovation, condensing our process down to a single day of fearless exploration. We have voted upon the idea for the day over the past week with “How Might We” statements developed by us.

Are you guys crazy?


How are you using the $600?

That remains to be seen, but in the past we’ve used it for everything from fuel and tools, to domain names and market research, fonts, photography – anything needed to forward the idea.

What is the idea?

Ideas were submitted by staff over the last week. Everyone voted and one has been chosen, and we will reveal it on Friday.

We’ll be updating FacebookTwitter (#GoKart600), and Instagram with what we’re learning, creating, and sometimes where we get stuck.

How do you expect to get anything done in one day?

Think about it this way: Forty people working together for 10 hours is 50 typical working days.

Like many businesses, we could choose to spread those hours across months of meetings and e-mails until no one remembers what the idea was in the first place.

Here’s what we got done the last time:

[slideshare id=26850493&doc=gk600-pitch-decks-131003234948-phpapp01]


What does this mean for new and current clients?

Every time we’ve done the #GoKart600, we find it sharpens our instincts, our methods, and allows us to let go of expectations and outcomes to simply enjoy the present process of being creative.

This deepens the trust we have in each other, reminds us just how fast we can go, and also that we can produce great quality under tight constraints.

We believe this helps us get better at growing and inventing both clients’ and our own businesses.

Plus, we don’t like to practice brand new methods on clients, so this is an opportunity for experimentation.

Because ultimately, there’s no exact science for innovation.

Not yet anyway.


To find out more about becoming a client, email us at

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  1. I think you guys are SUPER smart and so much fun to work with. What a BRILLIANT and WALKINGTHETALK way to spend your annual summitty thing. I am so glad for the opportunity to work with Elli, Chad, Tom, EJ, Craig, Owen, Rob, etc. on Tempo Learning. #GKLROCKS

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